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A ergonomic and modular web application to analyze and increase your digital KPIs

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Features Qiota

Modulable and available in white label and in responsive design.
Qiota modules can be easily adapted on publishers' websites, e-commerce websites and CRM websites

Paywall Management

Segmentation of traffic with user journey based on more than 10 variables:
A/B testing, adbblock detect, traffic source, social networks, devices ...

Monetization of contents

Ergonomic and customized interfaces to increase the conversion rate. Single article, pack of articles and subscription

User management

Single-sign-on connection interfaces for a customer journey and a simple and effective use of content


E-wallet to generate new sources of income and
to loyalize your customers step by step


Dashboard for setting paywall user journey and analyze and export data with synchronization in your CRM, DMP and subscriber base.

Consulting & Support

A team of experts accompanies the publishers in their strategies for numbering and enhancing content.

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Solutions for your KPIs

Give power to your digital strategy


  • A flexible paywalls to create adhoc journey and segment the audience

  • Custom conversion modules for each user journey : sale of singles stories, sale of subscription in 1-click, donation and more

Profiling and loyalty

  • Profiling and loyalty

  • User management & Single Sing On

  • User accounts in white label

  • Analysis and reporting available in API

  • Automatic synchronization with customers' CRMs

Monetization of contents

  • Data Collect (newsletter, email)

  • Sale of single articles or packs

  • Sale of subscription

  • QiotaPay plugin for recurring withdrawal via E-Sepa in partners with:

Use case clients

Listening to what clients want ! Our use case client

Science & Vie. Integration of a paywall to enhance web content and propose a bundle offer (print + web).

Solution Qiota

  • Paywall with flexible journey user for the acces to content.

  • User management synchronized with the client database.

MaisonModerne. Feed a qualified prospectus base (optin newsletter, GDPR, email) and give access to the use of content

Solution Qiota

  • Paywall Basic for the use of content.

  • Data Collect conversion module for user profiling.

  • Data synchronization for marketing automation.

20minutes. Identify the traffic coming from users with adblocking extensions and propose an alternative to fruition to the content without ads and tracking.

Solution Qiota

  • Paywall flexible to identify adblocking users

  • 1-click subscriptions.

  • Data synchronization with client database by webservice.

Sopress. Need to migrate the user database and search for a global solution for the management of subscribers, for sale and for digital access with paywall.

Solution Qiota

  • Access and subscriber management.

  • QiotaPay form for sale with reccurring withdrawal on a credit card.

  • Interconnecting modules with ecommerce and user base (CRM).

La Dépêche du Midi. To increase the sales transformation rate look for content sales alternatives.

Solution Qiota

  • E-wallet for the sale of single items at € 0.40.

  • Integrated module directly on the customer paywall.

  • Monthly sales report with access to the Qiota dashboard.



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